No two teams are alike, so there is no patent formula for a successful team. Rather, each team requires its own individual consideration, discussion and team-specific measures.


Our offers

Agile Coaching

  • Individual examination with agile methods
  • Team building
  • Agile Roadmap

Scaled Frameworks

  • Holistic analysis of the company
  • Executive Coaching (i.e. including executives and managers)
  • Support during the learning process of the entire organization

Systemic Coaching

  • Leadership Coaching (with Systemic Business Coaching)
  • One-on-One Coaching
  • Conflict Management

Our coaching in detail

  • We help identify the values, skills and abilities of each team, while removing any impediments to work successfully
  • We are skilled at identifying issues, challenges and team dynamics
  • We help teams focus on productive work, deliver results faster, and drive relentless improvement
  • We help teams to change continuously and sustainably
  • We support your entire company from the beginning till the end on its individual journey of transformation to agility
  • We support the learning process so that the entire organization can learn and embrace change
  • We support self-organized teams to become more efficient and agile

Our experience


Collaboration with startups, mid-sized companies and international corporations


10+ years of experience in the implementation of agile methods


Solving business challenges by applying agile transformation processes