We coach teams and organizations in Agile, Scrum, KANBAN and related methodologies.

Our coaching builds on the base of our training courses. This enables teams to transform and work in an agile way. We give people the tools and skills they need to build and deliver high quality products in the shortest time possible.

In addition to classic Scrum role coaching, we offer a range of coaching subjects across multiple fields.

Agile Coaching

We have over nine years of experience implementing agile methodology. We’ve worked with Startups, medium-sized companies and international corporations.
We are experienced in resolving business challenges, most of which relate to lack of communication or understanding. We find the holes, the disconnects between people and teams, then we help build communities with trust and transparency at their core.

Scaled Frameworks

Sometimes it’s not enough to enable one team to become agile. Sometimes we need to look at the organization itself, holistically. We can support your whole organization on its journey of transforming agile.
An important part of this process is our executive coaching. Without the buy-in of managers and leaders, successful transformation can’t happen. We help make it work.
It’s not just management that needs to learn and embrace change. At a team level, natural leaders will emerge. Change can only happen with self-organizing teams, adapting to become more efficient and agile. We enable this process.

Systemic Coaching

We offer leadership coaching – thanks to our background in Systemic Business coaching – as well as one-to-one coaching and conflict management between teams and individuals.

What can you expect from Vishnu Artists coaching?

No two teams are identical, so what works for one team may not work for another. We are adept at identifying issues, challenges and team dynamics. We use all the tools and skills at our disposal to support the acceleration of strong team-building. In turn, this enables teams to deliver value faster and undertake continuous improvement.

By identifying the values, skills and abilities in each team, whilst simultaneously removing any barriers to success, we help ensure that team transformation is ongoing and long-lasting.

What makes us agile experts?

We live and breathe agile principles and methodology, not just in work but in every aspect of our lives. This is more than a career for us – it’s our life’s passion.

We are life-long learners. We never stop learning, educating ourselves and making use of the latest techniques and knowledge available. We are excited to be able to help your organization.

Coming from the Berlin Startup environment, we help organizations to transform agile and also support them through various roles such as Scrum Master, Product Owner, Agile Master and others. In the last 10 years our focus has shifted to larger organizations and their transformation programs. Being experts from experience, with certification in numerous frameworks, we carry a packed toolbox to cover all different scenarios.