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A Certified SAFe® Advanced Scrum Master (SASM) is a Scrum Master responsible for improving team results through the facilitation of cross-team interactions and relentless improvement. The training consists on 6 units of 2 hours preparation and group work. On the final day of the course, you will take a Scrum Master exam to confirm your knowledge



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Keys areas of competence

  • Identifying and solving team anti-patterns
  •  Improving value flow using Kanban and engineering practices
  •  Supporting Program-level execution
  •  Using problem-solving and advanced coaching techniques to drive relentless improvement

Attendees learn:

  • How to apply SAFe principles to facilitate, enable, and coach in a multi-team environment.
  • How to adopt scalable engineering practices, Kanban, DevOps, and Agile architecture to optimize flow.
  • How to advance your facilitation skills for ART and team event planning, execution, and delivering end-to-end value.
  • How to build communities of practice to support high-performing teams and ART efficiency.
  • How to lead distributed teams effectively in remote environments.

What’s included:

  • Course materials
  • Remote learning via SAFe® Virtual Classrooms
  • Access to SAFe® Collaborate, a visual online workspace
  • One-year membership to the SAFe® Community Platform
  • Access to content, tools, and resources you need to practice SAFe every day
  • SAFe Advanced Scrum Master certification exam

What you get

Certified SAFe® Advanced Scrum Master PDF certificate

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