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Location: Guerstling, France

The age of the modern working has already started.
Everyone talks about agility and transformation. However, the important factor, without which the best system will not work, is found very often – neither in scrum training nor in practice – no consideration: the human!

A change in the world of work automatically brings about changes in the demands on the people who work in it. Complex situations in our daily knowledge work require the right values and mind to manage them.

In this 4 hour workshop you receive valuable hints for working with individuals in agile teams. You will understand what it means to be a servant leader.

In our training we teach you concepts and let you do practical experience in simulations. Our courses are a mix of theory, games and group work.

If you book a course in our training center – VAIKUNTHA – you will profit from newest nature training methods which give a an sustained understanding of being agile.

Workshop duration: 3 hours

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Learning Objectives

  • History of Traditional project management
  • History of Agile and LEAN methodologies
  • Agile Values and principles
  • Team roles
  • Expectations & Assumptions within a team
  • Team building exercise

Target Audience

Teams and individuals who want to work agile. Leaders who want to learn more about agile values and principles. Product and engineering teams, project- and portfolio managers, and generally anyone who wants to have an understanding of the bas or agility

Participants will receive

  • Certificate of Completion from Vishnu Artists in digital format
  • All workshop material and photo documentation in digital format



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