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Location: Guerstling, France

In recent years, many companies from a wide range of industries and sizes are trying to introduce and implement agile software and systems development methods. The best known and most widely used in the field of agile approaches is the Scrum framework.

Using the example of the Scrum framework, this training shows where requirements engineering practices can be meaningfully used and what place a requirements engineer can take in an agile project.

In our training we teach you concepts and let you do practical experience in simulations. Our courses are a mix of theory, games and group work.

If you book a course in our training center – VAIKUNTHA – you will profit from newest nature training methods which give a an sustained understanding .
Workshop duration: 5 hours

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Learning Objectives

  • Goals, introduction, basics of requirements engineering in an agile environment
  • Requirements engineering in an agile environment
  • Product vision – what should be developed?
  • Product Backlog – Which requirements are important?
  • User Storys
    • 3C
    • INVEST
    • Good acceptance criteria
    • Cutting user storys
    • Relative Estimations
  • Sprint Planning – The What and the How
  • Sprint Review – Acceptance and Survey
  • Sprint Retro
  • Backlog Refinement – Maintain the backlog continuously
  • Further topics


After the training, participants are familiar with the application of proven requirements engineering practices in an agile environment. Furthermore, you are able to select these practices target-oriented and use them profitably. You receive comprehensive tools in the area Requirements Engineering for an agile environment. They learn to help others in using agile approaches (such as the team or quality management).


Target Audience

Anyone interested in learning and applying the work with user storys of their proejct or project team will benefit from this course. It’s particularly useful for product owners, scrum master, developers, team leads, project team members, architects, coders, testers, IT/Development Managers, Project Management Professionals (PMPs) or PRINCE2 Practitioners.


Participants will receive

  • Certificate of Completion from Vishnu Artists in digital format
  • All training material and photo documentation in digital format