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Location: Guerstling, France

Your team is facing delays, changing plans, receives unplanned tasks and fails to deliver to the work committed? Team members are blocked and overburdened which results in low quality products and dissatisfied customers?

We will help you learning Kanban through this interactive training course. Starting with the values and principles that build the base for a successful change we will help you solving the above mentioned challenges – together as a team.

We will have a hand-on session so bring your current questions, we will design systems and talk about common issues and misunderstandings.
After completion of the course you will have the tools at hand to establish Kanban systems within your organization.

Training course duration: 1 day

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Learning Objectives

  • Traditional Project-management vs. Agile
  • Why Agile?
  • Agile Values
  • Agile Methods Overview
  • Introduction to Kanban
    • Kanban History
    • Kanban Principles
    • Kanban Practices
    • Kanban Cadences
  • How to deal with interrupt work and multi-tasking
  • Visualizing work & identify bottlenecks in flow
  • Four Forms of Proto-Kanban
  • Cost of Delay & WSJF
  • Littleā€™s Law & Cumulative Flow
  • Starting with Kanban: STATIK
  • Classes of Service and Service Level Agreements
  • Kanban at different scale: at team level, multiple teams, multiple projects, etc.

Target Audience

Teams and individuals who want to optimize their work flow. Leaders who want to improve team through put. Product and engineering teams, project- and portfolio managers, and generally anyone that wants to improve processes within the organization and wants to create Kanban systems.

Participants will receive

  • A digital copy of the book Kanban by David J. Anderson or the book Kanban from the Inside by Mike Burrows
  • Certificate of Completion from Vishnu Artists in digital format
  • All training material and photo documentation in digital format



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