Who we are:

Vishnu Artists trains, coaches, and provides consultancy services based on Agile frameworks, focused towards leaders, teams and organizations, thus onboarding them on the Agile evolution.

Our portfolio history ranges from simple projects to sizeable digital transformations, serving an array of enterprises from Start-ups to multinational corporations, as well as public organizations.

We teach and apply Scaled Scrum and Kanban alongside other frameworks, backed by the practical experience of our coaches and trainers.

We are strongly connected with our partner company Vaikuntha SAS, which is finalizing the setup of an institute in a natural environment to offer and host trainings.

Currently, Vishnu Artists is accepting applications for the roles of Scrum master & Agile coach on the markets of Germany, France, and Luxembourg. We look forward to arranging a chat with you if you feel you would be the right candidate for the role. Please contact us via e-mail at careers@vishnuartists.com with the role of interest, and an attachment of your CV and profile.