Through the effort and teamwork of Vishnu Artists’ successful agile trainees, we have created an idyllic space in which to work and learn, surrounded by peaceful nature. A river runs through green meadows in this beautiful retreat in rural France.

In Vaikuntha’s natural, peaceful space we offer off-site events, training courses, workshops and team-building exercises.


Our values & motivation

Training week 2019

22.- 28th of July

Deep in the heart of nature this years training week will cover problem solving in complex and chaotic environments.
We prepared different trainings and workshops to get you and your team up and running in no time.


Summer camp

10. – 18th August 2019

We are happy to invite you to the second edition of our Summer Camp.
Connect with yourself and others thorugh nature.
Join us to celebrate this experience!

Our location

Vaikuntha is located  in 3 Rue de la Libération, 57320 Guerstling, France.
50 Km from Saarbrücken Airport and 75 Km from Luxemburg Airport.

Impressions from last years summer camp