Vaikuntha - kanban and agile training workshop

Nestled far from the bustling city amidst enchanting lush greenery, Vaikuntha, a creation of Vishnu Artists, offers a haven for both work and learning. Embracing the beauty of its natural and serene surroundings, we present an innovative approach to education through alternative learning methods. At Vaikuntha, we curate off-site events, conduct agile trainings, organize workshops, and facilitate team building exercises.

Immersed in the breathtaking views of our nature-rich landscape, our workshops provide a unique and extraordinary experience, distinct from the modern-day work environment. Our aim is to foster a deep connection with nature and counterbalance the stresses of contemporary work life. In this tranquil setting, participants engage in meaningful interactions with one another, fostering genuine connections rather than relying on digital connectivity.

By blending the beauty of nature with interactive learning, our workshops at Vaikuntha provide an unparalleled opportunity for personal growth, professional development, and collective harmony.


Training week in Vaikuntha

In the heart of nature, we have designed a training week that addresses problem solving in complex and chaotic environments. We have prepared various trainings and workshops so that you and your team can be up and running in no time to apply agile processes yourself in your business.



Our values and motivation

    We encourage trust within our team.
    Only through appreciation we create a culture build on trust.
    Working together with a positive mindset help to remove impediments faster.


    We are building Vaikuntha to become self sustaining.
    We grow our own food and supply only high quality bio meals for our trainings.
    We conserve nature, recycle materials and plant trees.

Would you and your team also like to learn agile methods, Scrum and Kanban to drive your next projects forward in a goal-oriented way?
Then join us in Vaikuntha for an intensive training week in the middle of nature, with exciting off-site workshops. We are looking forward to meeting you!