• Agile transition through learning with friends in nature

    Agile transition through learning with friends in nature

    We coach teams worldwide to transform and work agile.

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Vishnu Artists is a collective of Agile Coaches, Scrum Masters, Product Managers and Designers offering their services to organisations and teams

  • Workshops in nature

    Workshops in nature

    We provide a natural space for off-site and team building activities...

  • Agile Training

    Agile Training

    We are experienced Agile Coaches running all kinds of agile training

  • Cross Team Meeting Coordination

    Cross Team Meeting Coordination

    As agile coaches we support your organization in various ways...

  • Team Training

    Team Training

    We organize workshops and trainings from team to program level

  • Kanban Game

    Kanban Game

    We use diffrent tools to make learning more effecive


We are much more than a consultancy. We are a network of friends, partners and people with ideas – and the skills and determination to implement them. Each of us has the experience and capability to build and support agile teams and organisations.


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